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      We’re trusted for excellence in everything – flavor, freshness, and the way we do business.

      Our Thought Leadership for Retailers

      At Dean Foods, we never forget how fortunate we are to be invited into your home. And we earn our place by holding ourselves and our products to the highest standards.
      Since 1925, we’ve been building confidence with a wide variety of foods and beverages, all with goodness as their most important ingredient.
      Today, we remain wholeheartedly committed to the excellence people have come to expect from us.

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      Excellence at every stage

      Our trusted supplier partners bridge the gap between the farm, Dean Foods and families. That’s why our procurement team looks for suppliers that share the values we care about and, with third-party audits, we stand by the quality standards of every plant that makes our products.

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      Excellence in every product

      As our range of foods and beverages has expanded, we’ve been discerning about every new product. Anything less than the best won’t do – and we maintain the highest standards with rigorous quality control.

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      Excellence in every taste

      For our customers, our brands have become a mark of excellence – a guarantee of wholesome, flavorful foods and beverages that bring enjoyment to every moment.

      Excellence in business

      Our Thought Leadership for Retailers isn’t just something you taste in our products – it’s a key part of how we do business every day, working to become excellent neighbors and additions to local communities.

      Latest white papers

      Milk Bottles
      What’s Behind the Door
      Released: February 2018
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      Mayfield Ice Cream
      Ice cream’s heating up the frozen category
      Released: November 2017
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      Cottage Cheese
      Cultured Heroes
      Released: October 2017
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      Milk Jug
      The Quest for Clean
      Released: August 2017
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      Buying Milk
      Winning the Milk Run
      Released: July 2017
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      Pouring Milk
      Go with the flow
      Released: July 2017
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      Environmental sustainability

      We’re driven to do right by the environment by committing to large-scale sustainability efforts.

      Social responsibility

      From dairy stewardship to employee safety, the goodness goes far beyond the products we sell.

      Corporate philanthropy

      Through the Dean Foods Foundation, we take our responsibility to communities seriously.

      Recognized for quality

      Affiliated Foods Midwest
      • 2015/16 Vendor of the Year
      • 2014/15 Vendor of the Year
      Burger King
      • 2012 Vendor of the Year
      Gordon Food Service
      • 2015 Cornerstone Award
      • 2012 VIP Partner Award
      • 2011 Service Cornerstone Award
      Kentucky Restaurant Association
      • 2015 Supplier of the Year
      • 2014 Animal Welfare Award
      • 2014 Sustainability Award
      • 2011 Supplier of the Year
      • 2010 System First Award
      • 2009 Supplier Quality Award
      Michigan Grocers Association
      • 2015 Outstanding Achievement
      Neiman’s Family Market
      • 2015 Vendor of the Year
      PL Buyer (by retailer vote)
      • 2011 Dairy Category Colonel
      • 2010 Dairy Category Colonel
      • 2009 Dairy Category Colonel
      • 2012 Best Category Development
      • Award for Perishables
      • 2010 Vendor of the Year
      Spartan Nash
      • 2015 Best Vendor Booth
      • 2012 Top Gold Supplier
      • 2012 Gold Supplier – Dairy
      • 2011 Gold Supplier – Dairy
      • 2011 Dairy Vendor of the Year
      Progressive Grocer
      • 2016 Category Captain
      • 2017 Category Captain
      Brand Packaging - Design Gallery Awards
      • 2017 Winner - Paperboard Category
      World Dairy Expo
      • 2017 Winner - DairyPure Sour Cream
      • 2017 Winner - Dean’s Cottage Cheese
      • 2017 Winner - LAND O LAKES Dip