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      We promote a healthy society just as we promote healthy lives.

      Fueling a sustainable future.

      At Dean Foods, we take our responsibilities seriously. We don’t just want to nourish full lives – we work to support farms, actively participate in local communities and grow the economy. We’re committed to being good neighbors and giving back to the people that welcome our products into their homes.

      Not everyone expects so much from a glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream. But we want you to hold us to the same high standards we hold ourselves.

      Environmental sustainability

      We’re committed to doing what’s right for bodies and fulfilled lives. It’s only natural we’d do the same for our business and the environment.
      With our proactive approach and large-scale sustainability initiatives, we’ve become a recognized environmental leader in our industry.

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      Social responsibility

      Being a good company means being a responsible corporate citizen. For us, that means treating everyone with a neighborly, honest and fair attitude.
      It’s something that touches on everything we do, from our products to our employees, shareholders, suppliers and even animals.

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      Corporate philanthropy

      Nutrition is just one part of a healthy life – and healthy individuals are just part of what makes healthier communities.
      We take our responsibilities to communities seriously, giving back on both a national and local level.

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      Find out more about how we’re nurturing the environment, society and communities.