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      We’re in homes, refrigerators and special moments. But, more importantly, we’re in the heart of communities.

      Nourishing communities.

      At Dean Foods, we recognize how privileged we are to be welcomed into homes and communities across the country. That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to being good neighbors.

      Our work in the community sits on two levels: corporate giving through the Dean Foods Foundation and grass-roots giving made possible by our local presence and the generosity of our people. So whenever you reach for a Dean Foods product, you can feel good about more than the taste.

      We’re proud to support national organizations
      that are nourishing the bodies and minds of children and promoting dairy stewardship.


      Our Partnerships

      Dean Foods Foundation

      With the goal of strengthening lives through the goodness of dairy, we invest in organizations that help communities thrive.

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      Local giving and volunteerism

      Through our local plants and brands, we grow close relationships with communities from coast to coast.

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      Dairy Stewardship

      Dairy begins at the cow – so we start there, taking a proactive, responsible approach to animal welfare from the farm to the fridge.

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      Giving on a national scale

      in scholarships awarded to employees’ children from 2010-2016
      On average,
      1 gallon
      of milk donated
      every 13 seconds
      Since 2010, the Dean Foods Foundation has given nearly $250,000 to the Future Farmers of America, including funding 130 scholarships for students pursuing degrees in agricultural animal science
      Dean Foods Milk Money Fund
      helping employees across the country meet immediate needs during times of crisis. Employees contribute to the fund, which is available to all Dean Foods employees.

      A healthy future

      Beyond enriching lives, we believe Dean Foods can play an important role in enriching communities, good causes and the environment.

      Environmental sustainability

      We’re driven to do right by the environment by committing to large-scale sustainability efforts.

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      Social responsibility

      From dairy stewardship to employee safety, the goodness goes far beyond the products we sell.

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      Corporate philanthropy

      Through the Dean Foods Foundation, we take our responsibility to communities seriously.

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